Excluding domains from "list blocked queries"

I’m new to Pi-hole. It is working well -thank you all.

A minor frustration is that the "list blocked queries" function in the dashboard in my setup is saturated with calls to metrics.icloud.com (I’m a Mac user), so a function to exclude that (and possibly other) domain(s) would be a blessing. This has been discussed before, and was then apparently not possible .

As an alternative (for Mac users), this command in Terminal.app has the desired effect:

sudo tail -f /var/log/pihole/pihole.log | grep -v metrics.icloud.com | grep blocked

The first grep statement excludes (-v) the rogue domain. The second allows only log lines containing “blocked” to show up.

If you want to hide the domains from the Top lists on your Dashboard you can use the function on the Settings page, API tab:

This will hide domains from the API and Dashboard as well.

Is it possible to supply a suitable negative regex to @Chrisbunch's approach using pihole -t <regex> instead of tail and grep?

ie to show all the lines that pihole -t would show, but not any of those lines which contain metrics.icloud.com, is there a suitable regex which says "match all lines as normal except that string"? So the equivalent result of something like grep -v but directly in the regex pattern?

I did some searching around but could only find posts on other sites where the regex discussion ends up becoming tedious arguments about over approaches suggested.