Dark Admin Theme

Had a little time this morning so I thought I would give my admin dashboard a makeover.

I was originally aiming towards a stylish style so you wouldn't have to do anything with the pi-hole itself. However the graph colors are a little tricky and would probably need a userscript. So I'm thinking the non-destructive approach may need to be thrown out.

Just a little preview since the graphs are ugly at the moment.

UPDATE: Here is some work on the chart


That looks great, any chance of a release or tutorial on how to change it? :slight_smile:

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Yeah it will be coming in time. I was hoping to just have it be css that you could load using stylish, however the charts are themed in the index.js file.

So now since I have to edit the file anyways I thought I would do a little more than just a re-theming.
I've been looking for a side-project to start so I may redo the dashboard in it's entirety with Angular 2.

For now though, I'll get this in a complete state and then post an install script.


That looks great! I really like dark themes.

Currently looks like so:


That's great work, and we'd be interested in collaborating with you on that. Mind shooting me an email at dan.schaper@pi-hole.net?

Just finishing up the last couple elements...

Edit: Made delete button change to red on hover

I'm thinking it would be better without the alternating rows..

Edit: Just about done. New flatish logo to tie it together

I'll have to bottle this all up into a script tomorrow if I have time.


We've got a new logo that gets rid of the "Evil Eye" over on gitlab.pi-hole.net. It will be out with the next release of the web interface.

I actually kind of like the evil eye in @doctormidnight's rendition...something about it.

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I like the dimensional shading of the berry, do we want to go for another round of logo shuffle? :slight_smile:

I just can't un-see the "Angry Hemorrhoid Logo" now, that comment ruined things for me...


Haha I know what you mean. I think about that now and then, too. :laughing:

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Now that's all I see, hahaha. I like the new cleaner look, but I also liked the black hole idea so I'll probably make one for fun tomorrow morning, less hemorrhoidy..

I got totally hammered on our other forum when I did that monstrosity of the Angry Hemorrhoid, but I really like the shading and the dimension feel. Please share with what you come up with, I'm not opposed to a shift in the branding.

And if you need/want any of the AI's they should all be on the asset repo.

Here is something I threw together this morning, not in love with it overall but I like the concept.
I'm going to explore the idea a bit when I have time.


wow thats pretty nice
well done!

tbh i don't like the current logo either.

Had about 5 minutes to mess with it a little bit. It definitely was the holes perspective among other things. Still something off though...

Not bad for 20 minutes total of work though.


Eager to see more of this!

I've been swamped with work, we have a crazy appletv threading bug that is a phantom. Cant stand iOS these days. I just took over the project so I've been reading way too much code so when I have some time tomorrow I'll be getting back into this for sure.

I also made some progress on my angular frontend, once I get the back end tied in I'll push a new branch.
Still early stuff, but I spent an afternoon optimizing my Python log parser and it's looking good.

Great to hear, looking forward to it!

Edit (The progress that is, not the iOS overload...)