Dark Admin Dashboard

LKD70's Dark Theme intergration for the admin dashboard.

Inspiration from @doctormidnight (old thread)

This is a simple standalone dark theme implementation that overwrites parts of the current white admin theme to provide an alternative that won't burn your eyes at 2 in the morning. :wink:

A sample of the admin dashboard with this theme applied:

Keep in mind this theme is brand new, likely to change and does not come without its issues.

You can find the source of the theme and a simple install guide here:

Easy Install

Simple install instructions for those of you who are too lazy to go to the GitHub page.

  1. Download the install.sh file to this directory: /var/www/html/
  2. open a terminal ( Ctrl + Alt + T )
  3. type: cd /var/www/html
  4. type: sudo su (type your password if promoted)
  5. type: chmod +x install.sh
  6. type: ./install.sh
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions


Feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Any changes you'd like to see, do mention in the comments. Any Changes you've made and wish to share? Do a pull request, I'll check it out and maybe accept it (with credit where credit is due, of course).


I got the following messages:
root@tslenter-pi_hole2:/var/www/html# ./install.sh
./install.sh: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token newline' ./install.sh: line 7: '

If there's a blank line, remove it... If not, add a # comment, to the end of line 6.

small typo in the backup script:

cp -f admin/style/vendor/adminLTE.min.css admin/style/vendor/AdminLTE.min.bkp.css

The original filename has a capital A , and this causes the backup to fail.

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Slightly alternative instructions for those just using ssh:

cd /var/www/html/

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lkd70/PiHole-Dark/master/install.sh

sudo chmod +x install.sh

sudo ./install.sh

It will prompt you to make a backup of the default Pihole Dashboard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


It will prompt you whether you want to install the theme.


All Done!


Should also toss together an uninstall script before some of the noobs install it and can't figure out how to revert lol.

I'd suggest that it copies the backups instead of just moving them. On the off-chance that theming pihole becomes popular, there should always be a copy of the original.

I'm also assuming that pihole -r would redownload the file if missing.

Heh, pihole -r doesn't actually redownload the repo, rather it sorts out the files from the "hidden" core repo in /etc/.pihole and puts files back in the correct places around the system.

/var/www/html/admin is a direct clone of the repo, which is untouched during a pi-hole -r, you'd need to cd into the directory and run sudo git reset --hard to roll back changes.

Although, from just playing with it now, running pihole checkout master also resets the repo

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So if the end-user is running the master branch, and they accidentally break something running pihole checkout master will actually repair better than pihole -r ??

I recently had to redo my pihole, because i broke things so bad. (I can never stop tinkering). I wish I had thought to do the checkout command to redownload the repository.

Now on a side note, that would probably be a good feature request for pihole -r to have a third option to "fresh start reinstall". Could move all the pihole files to a temporary directory, re-download the repositories, apply a fresh lighttpd conf,,, and if an error occurs during this process, offer an option to either: revert the changes by moving things back from the temporary directory,,,, or to remove the files from the temporary directory.

Yeah, looks like it could do with some tweaking, but that's for another thread!

In terms of an uninstall script for this theme, running sudo git reset --hard will do the trick

Seems to have skinned the graphics, but left the background white?

Thanks for pointing this out! Updated it now. I had rewritten the script instead of copying from my VNC, so that version hadn't been tested.

Great guide. I'll add it to the github (with credits, of course).

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Good job, you found a bug! Fixed it now. Please reinstall this and all should be fixed.

BTW if anyone has any suggestions for a better background tile image, please do tell me!

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Perfect, working great after the update (And clearing FF cache) as it was still white after a reboot :slight_smile:


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I may be crazy,,,,

but the interface seems to be much snappier with this theme applied. Even the query log page!!!

And that is saying something, as I'm currently blocking 1,850,143 domains.

For performance reference, Pi3 with wally3k's suggested php tweak.

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The JS changes will make the charts load a little quicker, that's all I can think off the top of my head. But dark themes are always more appealing, perhaps just a placebo effect? Would need to monitor the network speed on both to find out for sure :wink:

At first I thought maybe it was sugarpills!!

but with how many domains I'm blocking,, and I'm running Master (no FTL),,, I honestly think it is faster!

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Haha amazing to hear. That'd be a good pushing point :wink:

By the way, I know the back.png is horrid. I legit opened photoshop and splatted some white on a black background. So take a look here peeps and choose one you'd like for yourself, or recommend one for the project (I can use that or make one like it if licenses are an issue)



would be pretty cool.

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No you're not crazy, it definitely loads the graphs and blocked lists a lot faster using this theme, I noticed it immediately too

With default white theme it can take upwards of 30 seconds, with this theme it was around 15-20

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