is not working

#1 is not working and i can not find the problem. is on the whitelist. in the query log nothing with postbank is red. with vpn it is working.
any idea?


When loading that page, DNSThingy shows the following domains trying to load. Check that is not on a block list as well.


i put all urls in the whitelist, but it is not working. is it working when you test the url?



The domain was found in one blocklist on my setup (you will likely be running different lists), but since it wasn’t the exact domain I was able to load the page:

$ pihole -q
 Match found in


ok, big thxs.

on my site is only found in the whitelist.

now i think the problem is not the pi-hole. perhaps my isp


Whitelist does not cover regex.list and wildcard.

Secondly you state is on the whitelist… what about

@jfb maybe if a bare domain.tld is added also add the subdomain www also. The user can delete it if it is not wanted.
It seems too confusing for users that webpages can also have a subdomain.

Maybe also add a example of a URL with bold the sub-domain as the domain part as an example on the entry page of lists.


What is Google doing at the entry page of your banking page. I hope the logging page is only between you and

If not go to an other bank that respects your privacy during banking.

Update: I have now used noscript to look at the page. I only see and no Google shit. On the login page for banking with WebGL is active, I don’t like that and they use WebGL.


both are on the whitelist. when i enter the on the whitelist:

Failure! Something went wrong. is not a valid domain


Domain is everything before the “/”, everything behind that, including the “/”, is of no interest to pihole.

The domain/subdomain sits between “…://” and “/…”