2fa for the Admin page

Would love to add Pi-hole 2fa to my 2fa auth apps, for added security.

Do you really need 2FA on devices hosted within your own LAN?

Yes. I have roommates.

And these roommates are actively interested in breaking into your password protected web admin page? I can’t imagine that with any reasonable password choice they would be able to do so.

Well, generally speaking, this is a feature enhancement not only I would be using, so it’s not specific to my own personal situation. There can be many living situations where Pi-hole admins might want this feature.

In my case, I use LastPass, and accidents can happen; the LP activity timer hasn’t timed out yet, leaving my passwords available; browser form fills saving the info; lots of possibilities including unforeseen ones. Nothing wrong with adding an optional security enhancement, that users can choose to enable or not. No?

Do you have 2FA on your router admin page, and on your ssh login to the Pi?

I run the Docker PH.

Nevermind, I can see you aren’t open to suggestions.