Why is FTL offline and showing "Lost Connection To API"?

You may run into FTL being offline and the Web interface shows "Lost Connection To API" meaning your stats will not load.

You may simply be able to solve the problem by restarting FTL using one of these commands

service pihole-FTL restart
systemctl restart pihole-FTL

You can also view FTL's debugger using these instructions, which may offer some clues.

We generally want to know if FTL is not doing what it is supposed to, so if the above commands do not offer any solution or insight, please get in contact with us.

Can you remind us please how to contact you re problems during updating.

Update FYI: after [pihole -up] hit " Error: Unable to get latest release location from GitHub" etc, then [sudo service pihole-FTL restart] & [sudo systemctl restart pihole-FTL, still the same problem repeats. But rebooting the RPI3 completely then allowed [pihole -up] to run to completion.

Opening an issue on these forums is the best way to get assistance from us and with help from the community.

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