Why doesn't Pi-hole block YouTube ads?

I've slowly been learning about Pihole. I have 2. One on my Synology "main," and another on a raspberry Pi 4 I made for fun. I read and have been told that pihole can not block the adds on Youtube which it doesn't.

Here's my question, I have the browser plug in from Malware bytes that does block the adds on Youtube very successfully. Why is it pihole with it's huge list can't. Just trying to understand it. Ok, please keep it simple. Noob here. TIA

Pi-hole is only a DNS filter. That is, when a client asks for the 'address' of a name (a web domain, etc), it gives an answer but also filters those answers against the configured block lists. Pi-hole can do nothing with the content AT that address. A web browser can. It can inspect the payload of web requests and alter them on the fly because it made the request for the content not just where it was located. YouTube hosts its ads on the same domains as its content.


Perfect explanation, Thank you!

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