Why do I see ads in Chome but not other browsers?

It has been reported that Pi-hole is not blocking some Google ads when using Chrome but not other browsers. This is the result of Google using the QUIC protocol to deliver the advertisements. The QUIC protocol is actually quite useful and can make your browsing experience faster.

If you see this behavior and want to block these ads again:

  1. navigate to chrome://flags/ in the address bar
  2. search for QUIC
  3. disable it


The easy way to find this flag is

1 navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-quic in the address bar
2 disable it

The annoying step is no longer needed.

In the pick you posted you can see the easy shortcut to the flag you want, in this case it's #enable-quic.

All Chrome flags have this, I think anyway maybe some don't.

Is this still necessary to do ?

Yes, or block quic on the firewall.

what about the future and http/3 which will use the quic protocol...

Google hopes you'll leave it enabled so they can continue to harvest and sell your data.

i mean as of now we can just block or deactivate it...

I don't follow what you are asking or inferring.

How is this supposed to work with http/3 in the future if I simply block or deactivate the QUIC protocol?

How is what supposed to work?

I don't know what you mean by "this", you'll need to be more specific.

i mean if http/3 uses quic protocol and i block or disable the protocol and there is no fallback, i will not get the content of the page, right? But if I allow the quic protocol, then I also allow Google to deliver their ads through their protocol.

Don't use Chrome if this is a concern.