Why can't I connect to the Internet when I enable Pi-hole?


Assuming you are configuring Pi-hole via your router or Pi-hole’s built in DHCP server it may be one of several things.

  1. Rebind Protection

You just need to disable it to make it work. Only some routers are affected.

  1. Another common mistake we see if people setting Pi-hole as their WAN DNS server, which will cut off Internet since Pi-hole isn’t an authoritative DNS server. You need to instead set this under the LAN DNS server, or in the DHCP options section.

  2. If your gateway on your Pi-hole is not configured correctly, you cannot get out to the Internet. Since all devices query the Pi-hole, it needs to be able to reach the Internet to find upstream servers, but if it can’t get out through the default gateway, the Internet will appear to be offline