Whitelisting temporary and by IP

That will be great if instead whitelisting a domain we can allow temporary, for example 5 minutes, then the domain will be automatically added back to the blacklist.

also in a different way, witch much likely would required local DHCP (or static IP / Mac setup)
Allow from the web interface to have different categories blacklist regarding the local devices.

Ex kids device have they own blacklists (restriction) parents devices other blacklists.

This has been requested multiple times, but is actually quite difficult to achieve. The DNS server we use (dnsmasq) does not support per-client answers and will always reply in the same manner. A possible alternative would be to run multiple instances of the DNS server at the same time and use the firewall to decide which of the processes will be used to answer a requested. These rules could be set up to decide based on the origin of the request. But, you already assume it, this is a really complex setup and it is quite likely that things can break at all possible places. Also, since we support quite a number of different OSes and people are using different kinds of firewalls (sometimes even with higher-lever front ends like ufw on top), preparing and maintaining a "one-click" solution for client-based blocking is out of scope.

that make sense thank you

This part is implemented with v5.0.

The temporary whitelisting of a single domain not yet.