White- and (wildcard-)blacklisting domains for single devices

I will whitelist some domains for only one device. I have not set my pihole as my default dns in the router. I set the pihole ip adress on every single device.
Every device in my network has a fixed IP address.

Is it already possible to whitelist a single domain on a single device?
If not, is it possible to add this as a feature?

For users who had not fixed IP adresses on their network, maybe you can read out the mac adress (or the user must place them during the white-/blacklisting) and realize the feature like this.

Anyone else need this? I found something on reddit but they have no solution.

Hello Again! Thanks for posting a feature request in the correct channel :slight_smile:

This is often requested, and there are a few threads on this subject already. The search function of this forum is pretty decent!