While using Pi-hole as only DNS, nothing is loading

Hi all!

First post, please be forgiving, I’m trying to do things right. :slight_smile: Excuse my poor english: french guy over here.

Expected Behaviour:

Just showing Internet pages normally.

I precise that I’m a computing engineer (more developper than network specialist, I admit). So I hope, I can understand your advices.

Actual Behaviour:

First of all: IPv6 is disable everywhere in my LAN. DHCPv6 on the router is turned off. Pihole IPv6 is disable too (I think. It don’t let me tick any of DNS IPv6 upstream servers).

After setting up my Raspberry Pi 3B+, I’ve installed Pihole normally and apply the setup I was running previously in a Docker container on my QNAP Nas.
Everything had been well for two weeks, but lately webpages doesn’t load at all or take years. And very often when the browser times out.

My Raspberry has as static IP ( outside ouf the DHCP range of my router ( - Strange thing is that if I disable Wifi on my Raspi, I can no longer ping it nor SSH on the eth0 static IP (this fact begins at the same time Pihole or whatever starts doing sh*t.).

Here is /etc/dhcpcd.conf

interface eth0
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=

/etc/resolv.conf gives on the Raspi and the Raspi LAN address (so the Pihole one) is used as the only DNS server in my DCHP settings (on the router) and it does applies to clients as expected.

My router is a ZTE F670. As an extra, I’ve added Pihole IP Adress in Applications > DNS Service > Hosts of my router but I’m not sure of what it actually does… (but not adding it in this section gives the exact same result).

I’ve noticed that “dig” does passes through Pihole and answers correctly but the command takes a lot of time to give me the hand back (but the DNS response from Pihole takes less than 200ms).

dig +trace [@] facebook.com

I’ve noticed too that numbers of DNS queries running through Pihole explodes as soon as it has been defined as the primary DNS server of my LAN (loop ??).

At last, I’ve noticed that my iPhone get my Pihole address as DNS but alongside an IPv6 (fe80::1) out of nowhere (I don’t understand…).

I’ve disabled all DNS upstream servers from Pihole config and set a custom DNS IPv4: (my router’s IP, translated in

2 two days of googling has gave me no idea of what’s going on…

Debug Token:


Any help would be greatly appreciated! For now, I’ve switched back to Google’s DNS… My bad! :frowning:

Thank you so much. :blush: