Web interface toggle safesearch

I second this feature, we need a way to enable this in the GUI and have the servers update if they are changed. or any other solution that would always return safe search pages of popular search engines.

The custom list referenced in a previous link can be quickly copied to your local /etc/pihole/custom.list. What is the feature request here - to have a button that fetches that particular list?

to have an option in the settings to enforce safe search. so people with moderate to no experience with this type of thing could just turn it on. I could think of a few people in my family I would recommend a PiHole and would love this feature but are not savvy enough to search for how to do it, or how to implement this solution.

If they can install an OS and install Pi-hole on that OS (both of which require use of the terminal), then they can certainly run the two commands that import the list into the custom list. Am I missing something?

In my opinion pihole offers a lot of blocking already.
One can go to the extreme but pihole offers a good deal for the middle-of-the-road people.

Safe search is offered bij startpage.com and duckduck. They promise not to store your search history like Google, bing and the majority do.

O and ps.
For people who are not so interested like most pihole users are (the vast majority) you might advise to install add-ons like ublock, https everywhere and privacy bagger.
These 3 together with Startpage and duckduck are a reliable combination that most people can install without too much hassling around.

yes, you're missing the part they are not the ones installing the first install. I or people like me who are the family tech guy will first install, and they will configure it how they please, like whitelisting certain sites and blacklisting others. both of which you can do from the web management UI.

These 3 together with Startpage and duckduck are a reliable combination that most people can install without too much hassling around.

what you're offering is installing 3 software addons to every device instead of doing it once for the whole network and forgetting about it? how's that practical? plus not all devices are pc or can run addons.

I completely agree. The entire point about Pi-hole is to use a one-for-everything point for handling these things in your network. Regardless of how customizable your clients actually are. I do use only one plugin in my daily browser (Dark Reader). And I installed it only after skimming over its source code because I don't like installing third-party stuff which could potentially break things.

If you are doing the install, then you certainly know how to copy that custom list to the Pi-hole after you get Pi-hole installed. If you don't want the non-tech-savvy people using the Pi-hole to be able to change it via the web GUI, then put the mapping somewhere other than the custom list, so it won't be visible in the web GUI. Without knowing a bit of Linux, they won't know it's there and won't change it.

you're missing the point. I'm giving them the basic pihole and let them decide if they want it on or off. i don't want to do anything after the initial install. it's about their freedom, and not needing me to turn on or off features that are not in the GUI.

Just handing off a pre-configured Pi-hole without any level of support or guidance is going to end up badly for everyone involved. Business have tried, and every single one of them has failed.

If you'd like to add features that will only help you, then you fork and maintain it yourself. We've given you the source code, you're free to add whatever you'd like to it.

Ask the question ahead of time and configure the Pi-hole accordingly.

and if they decide to change their minds? i don't see why you are so against this.

but I'm not the only one who asked for this, I simply said I support another feature requester's request.

Then you'll be helping them out by implementing it for them.

Split this out as it's not what the origin Feature Request asked for. It's a totally separate request.

The point in this discussion is what Dan mentions.
We, on this forum, are interested in browsing without being annoyed by advertising.
Our home network is behind PiHole. I don't need to bother anyone here with that. No-one is interested.
I can advise friends and family to install a RPI with PiHole. They never will.
In that case I just inform them of the existance of the named add-ons/plug-ins for their browsers to enhance 'safe' browsing.

I was asked to put this here as long it goes about safe search:


CNAME is the one that can be used by groups. The questing is then is, are CNAMES stored in dnsmasq or in the pi-hole database.

When database it would take much work to implement.

Providing some kind of pre-defined safesearch settings would help users without having them go through trail and error.

I never used groups but I think you can have entries present but not active until the user activate them.

I don't see this going somewhere despite it something that is certainly wished for if people knew that it was possible, with great ease.

There are hardcoded configs that do that for you, but those moved outside of Pi-hole having their own repositories that leads to confusion.