Web interface: clients info window "disapears"


one little think to change in the web interface:
in the info window “Clients (over time)”

not all clients are shown resp. “disapear” from visable area when looking further down (hope u get what I try to say - look at jpg :slight_smile:
In the screenshot u might see that the client (marked yellow) is not shown in the flowting window - so I cant´t see the IP.


I don’t see a similar behavior on my browser. I’m showing all my clients in the pop-up menu in Mac OSX and Safari or Chrome browser. I’m running the beta FTLDNS version of PiHole.

What browser and OS are you using to view the web interface?


tried it on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Basilisk
Same result on every Browser.


It’s hard to tell from your screen shot, but it looks like you are seeing them all. The title of the graph on the web interface is “clients (over time)”, but it’s really DNS queries over time, broken down by actual clients. So if you only have 4 clients active in that time slice, you are seeing them all. It looks like your yellow client is second on the pop-up list, with 12 DNS requests.


no I do not see them all.
Here u see what happens with the flowting window when going to the “lower” area


It’s a known issue:

Someone posted a workaround:


tks for the fast replays guys.
waiting for the fix - not a this big issue…


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