/var/log in Top Permitted Domains

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Expected Behaviour:

[Why is it showing up ?]

Actual Behaviour:

[Why is it showing up ?]

Debug Token:

[Tried but it's running for 10 minutes and it's stuck at "*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Dashboard and block page"]


Somehow in my permitted domains i got the following 2 entry's showing up.
is there a way to ignore them ?

And why does it show up,
tried searching but couldn't find anything about it perhaps the words are to search to search for it.

Strange... Can you send pihole_debug-sanitized.log to us to see where it stopped?

cat /var/log/pihole_debug-sanitized.log | pihole tricorder

And also grab a snippet of the pihole.log with those entries or the timeframe in which they occurred.

Weird it works now to make a debug log,
perhaps it needed a reboot to make it work not sure.

debug token is:

the token for the pihole_debug-sanitized.log

Snippet of the pihole.log

That IP showing up the the Snippet would be a VMWare i'm running that runs a Debian instance.

Sorry, I missed the cutoff and your submissions expired. Would you send the pihole_debug-sanitized.log again?


I didn't see anything out of the ordinary there. Did you have a token for the pihole.log as well?


I see the entries. What device is Perhaps that will offer some clues.

it's a vmware that is running debian with some services,
nzbget, sonarr, autosub and nzbhydra etc.
it has been running without anychanges before i had pi-hole running and these entry's just showed up a few weeks ago.
But it's kinda weird it shows up and i'm not able to add them to the Exclude from Top Domains / Top Advertisers from the web interface.

There does not seem to be a Pi-hole issue here, as those queries are for invalid domains. Perhaps we could allow invalid domains to be used in the exclusion list (open a feature request for this if you want).

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