Update Pi-hole from the GUI


This has to have been asked before, and I just couldn’t find it.

I’d like the ability to update the Pi-hole software from the Web interface. In a perfect world, I could select an option box to automatically update the software on a schedule or whenever the Pi-hole Version, Web Interface Version, or FTL Version gets updated by the developers.

Add "join/leave beta" buttons on webUI

We have looked into implementing this, but put it on hold until we find a way to resolve some of the underlying issues with it (how to handle lighttpd updates, because we can’t really restart lighttpd because the installer would be killed).


If the dashboard becomes password protected add ability to start updates from dashboard if possible


Was just about to request this myself as my, and I’m sure those of many other PI-Hole users, my device is not readily accessable & difficult to update without connecting it to my TV. A web update would be outstanding!!


If you enable ssh, you can access the device without any peripherals attached.