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On the dashboard view it shows Total Queries (2 clients). I have a lot mroe devices on my network than 2 so why doesnt it show all of the clients that connect through my router OR am I misundertsnading what this is showing?


There are several possibilities.

  1. Not all the clients are using Pi-hole. You can verify if a client is using Pi-hole by running the following command from the client terminal or command prompt. It should return the IP of the Pi-hole, and the server should be the Pi-hole.

nslookup pi.hole

  1. Your router is routing all the DNS traffic from the individual clients through itself.

That would explain it!

I pointed the router to the Pi-Hole for DNS so why do I also have to set ths manually on every device?


You don't have to set DNS manually on every device. If all the devices are using Pi-hole for DNS, you are set. If they are all using Pi-hole for DNS and all the DNS queries appear to be coming from the router and not from the individual clients, then you will have to make some changes if you want to see the individual IPs in Pi-hole.

It appears that all DNS queries are coming from the router currently. I set the router to sue Pi-Hole for DNS but am unsure as to why only (was 2 now 3) devices that I didn't do anything with are using Pi-Hole and not others.

This is how I have pointed my router to PiHole for DNS


It would be better if you showed us the IPs in both DNS1 and DNS2. It's a private range, so you aren't letting out any secrets here. for both DNS 1 and DNS 2 which is the PiHole

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This may just be the way your router behaves. Set Pi-hole as your DHCP following the notes in the previous link and see if this resolves the problem.

I will give that a try thanks!

Thanks and Best Wishes


That might be an indicator that you have set Pihole as your router's DNS server on WAN.
Did you also specify to distribute pihole's IP as DNS via DHCP on LAN? If you did so just currently you have to diconnect your clients once from the router to get a new DHCP lease with the updated DNS information.

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