"Top Blocked Clients (Blocked Only)

As per this thread on reddit, current implimentation seems odd, that it shows ALL domains in the 'blocked domains' subcategory on the dashboard?

Is in the pipeline and will be implemented once

web fix/wording_query_log_links
ftl new/query_log_blocked_client_filtering

are merged

This does not work.
Have tested, doesn't work. Blocked still contains unblocked.

What did you try?

This is not implemented in v5.0, you have to switch branches as described above.

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I switched branches using the pihole checkout command

pihole checkout web fix/wording_query_log_links pihole checkout ftl new/query_log_blocked_client_filtering

I did a fresh pull of pihole/pihole 5 from docker.
sudo docker exec -i pihole /bin/bash

The above 2 commands and rebooted the lot.
The blocked domains per machine, continues to oddly show me all domains for that machine, it's a baffling design choice and I'm glad people are at least aware of it.

I wouldn't call it like that. Showing all queries of this client makes it easier to see what it is doing. I can understand both how it was and how it will get changed. There are good arguments for both ways IMO.

Ok, three things:

  1. I'm not sure if you can/should checkout custom branches in a docker environment (haven't used it myself). I just know pihole docker containers are not supposed to be updated, maybe this applies to checkouts as well

  2. It worked for me back in April, but there might be some more issues.

  3. Have you cleared your browser's cache after switching branches?

I'm sure development on this feature/fix will go on at some point in time. It would be best if you could report your findings over there as the developer has interact in this topic and discussion is likely to continue there.

I can't agree, it says ' Top Clients (blocked only)'
Clearly one would be interested in the blocked traffic by clicking this.

pihole checkout doesn't work in docker.

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Is this change, going to ever be rolled into the standard pihole build?

It's not done yet. If you follow the other topic I linked, you see that it ended with 2 minor issues I encountered. It was likely forgotten under the pile of work the devs did in the mean time. I'm quite optimistic, that some day they're going to pick it up again :slight_smile:

@PromoFaux @DL6ER

Erm, yes, that's exactly what happened here. This shows that we should always open at least a draft pull request to avoid forgetting things... I did this now.

So what about the test pull - wasn't that working?

It was working, but it hasn't been a pull request but individual branches you had to checkout. It is now a step forward.

This has been released with