To use MySQL as database

I use Pihole for DNS servers throughout the company to prevent employees from seeing ads and some websites. However, due to the large number of visits, SQLite performance used by FTL is seriously insufficient. So how to use MySQL as a database?

Can you provide some more detail on why you find it seriously insufficient? What is slow in the process, where are you seeing a need for improvement?

Thank you for your help.When I open the web panel of Pihole, his response is a little slow, and the statistics are always displayed after the page is loaded first and after a few seconds.I think this is SQLite’s function is simple and its performance is low. He can be used in my home. But in the company, I think Pihole should support other types of databases so as to reduce the reading and writing of local disks and improve performance in case of large access.

The web panel slowness is from PHP. sqlite3 is very performance oriented.

Thank you for the Feature Request, we’ll leave it open for user comment.

Thank you for your help.