Temporary exception from the blacklist 5-15min

Unfortunately it can happen that you want to/have to visit a page that is blacklisted.
I would like to have the possibility to visit a page without having to delete it from the blacklist.
Is it possible to add another button on blocked pages - to make the page accessible for a short time (temporary exception from the blacklist, 5-15min) - after pihole password is entered?

Greetings Frank

Generally what I and most users will do is temporarily disable the blocking in order to get it done then enable once things are finished. (I always have to do this with AliExpress)

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As I read it, the feature requester wants an option to disable a single blacklisted site for a defined period of time, and do this from the block page, not from the web admin page. Basically a Pi-Hole override for that one site for a short period of time.

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The issue with this method is even if you temporarily whitelist the one blocked domain, there are probably more blocked domains that it depends on to load the page, and those can not be dynamically whitelisted. I don't see how you can implement this feature request so it works as expected. The current solution is to just temporarily disable Pi-hole.

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