Suddenly lost all internet access

When I arrived home from work I couldn't connect to my home network.

Pihole is set as DHCP, and I have disabled it on my ISP router.

Android device was showing "IP configuration failure" in the WiFi settings.

Reboot ofnrouter did not help.
Connected laptop via cable to the router and still couldn't connect to either the internet or LAN devices, e.g. the router admin page or pihole.

As a last resort I pulled the plug in the Pi and powered back on...which threw some errors. I've attached some screen grabs.

Managed to get the Pi booted though and access is back.
But I'm trying to diagnose. I suspect it may be an IP conflict, with the same address handed to multiple devices if this is possible?
I suspect this as there seemed to be a mismatch between leases and devices

My pihole admin is now showing no active leases, only the static DHCP leases I assigned. (Fyi, I have all my devices a static IP)

Any tips? Or is Pi and/or SD card borked?

That looks like a badly corrupted file system.

If your logs are still accessible on that machine, you could check your logs for recent occurences of under-voltages:

zgrep -ni “voltage” /var/log/syslog*

Make sure you power your RPi using a quality PSU and cable.

I'd start with a fresh image.

I suspected this unfortunately.

Returns nothing at all

I'm using an official RPI power brick and cable.
And have been for the lifetime of the pi, which is probably pushing 5 years.
Which is why I suspect there was some sort of 'event'

Thats good, then.

Could have been caused by a sudden loss of power, too.
Any outages in your house or area lately?

If not, than your sd card may well be nearing its and of life.

No power losses to my knowledge, but I was out the house all day from 7am to about 16:30. So possible, although I normally get an SMS from my energy supplier.
I guess my job for tomorrow is a new sd card and image. Start a fresh install.

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