Still seeing ads on fire10 tablet

I can see some things being block via the query log in the pi hole interface, mainly analytics ad telemetry but still getting ads on the home screen and in the browser.

Expected Behaviour:

blocking of ads outright

Actual Behaviour:

still getting ads

Use these tools to determine the source of ads.

Your tablet is bypassing your pihole is due to this

Try removing IPv6 and Google from your DNS settings

How do I configure my devices to use Pi-hole as their DNS server? - FAQs - Pi-hole Userspace

I cannot, ive never seen any options to edit or remove themipv6 or the google dns on the fire10.

when i set up pihole, i selected the cloudflare dns

others have stated it may be hardcoded into the tablet.

if so ill just buy an ipad.

I have several IoT devices that are hardcoded with public DNS. In my case, I've created a couple of firewall rules on my router to enforce DNS. For example

Rule 1 - allow your LAN devices access service type (DNS) to your Pihole
Rule 2 - allow your Pihole service type (DNS) outbound to the Internet
Rule 3 - deny your LAN devices service type (DNS) outbound to the Internet

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