So, how can i make all the devices on my network automatically use my pi without having to configure things on each individual device?

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I purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 which arrived yesterday, and I've installed multiple Linux distros on it. Currently, I'm using Manjaro Mate (which seems to be working flawlessly so far), however if pi-hole requires me to be using Raspbian, I'm more than happy to switch over.

I have full control over my router, and I have access to quite a plethora of settings to tweak if need be. I watched this video on setting up Pi-hole, as I was curious to what Pi-hole is, and how I could use it. In the video, the way in which he blocks the ads on his devices, is by manually changing a few settings to route the traffic through his Raspberry Pi (or something along those lines).

What I'd like to know, is it possible to skip this step completely with a bit of configuration? Is there some way that I can force all devices on my network to route their traffic through the Raspberry Pi automatically? If I have the option to not manually configure all my devices as well as people visiting my home's devices to route through the pi, that would be great!


Go to the router DHCP settings. Change the DNS server(s) to the IP of the Pi-hole.

Renew the DHCP lease on all connected network clients.

Thankyou for this! However, i only seem to see these options. Would i need to install a different firmware to do this?

You can disable DHCP on the router and enable it in Pi-hole.

The DHCP section of the Router configuration will have a place to specify the IP addresses of the Domain Name Servers that are propagated to the requesting device. The IP address should be the address of the device running PiHole.

The Router configuration will also have a place to specify the IP addresses of the Domain Name Servers the Router uses when resolving domains to IPs. Do NOT put the PiHole device IP address here.

If you have trouble finding the right place, use Google to locate documentation for the router.

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