Slow performance on Android

Could be, I'm using Android 6.0.

I have similar problems with Pi Hole and Android 6.0 and 7.0. The websites load very slow.
When I change the dns network settings on a android device it works with no problems.
I look for a solution in the router settings, but my router have no dns options to change some dns server or ipv6 settings. The router is a Telekom hybrid from Huawei.

This may not reveal much, but can we get a pihole -d run and see if there's anything that may be easy to spot in the configuration?

If you're unable to set the DNS server in the router, try disabling the DHCP server in the router and enable Pi-hole's DHCP server via the web interface.

I'm having the same issue with my
But I think mine does not have the ipv6 settings since I might have disabled all ipv6 functions...

Benjiir, where is that setting located.. Or should be located?

Is there any other thing I could do?

Oh and it is not on every page.. Only on some.. And some work faster others slower..
Without they are usually all fast (cable 400mbit)

Hey Chris,

Sorry for my late reply.
You can find this setting here:

Home Network --> Home Network Overview
Click on the [Network Settings] Tab
Scroll down and click on the [IPv6 Addresses] Button
In the DNSv6 Server in the Home Network section disable the checkbox "Also announce DNSv6 server via router advertisement (RFC 5006)".

ugly paint view:

Save your changes and changes should take into effect on your Android device.
I think the changes are instant, but if not you could try and disable / enable your Android's WiFi to get updated DHCP information.

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I have a similar issue and did some additional investigation. See here: Pi hole slow at loading some sites - #20 by mpve

I checked my captured network traffic and my Android device is using IP4 network addresses...

I also would not be surprised if Android forces ads on you in a method such as:

Thank you for the suggestion, Jacob.

I checked network traffic and see that my desktop Chrome browser uses QUIC but my Android browsers do not..