Should I use Pi-hole as WAN DNS too?


Hi all,

My LAN dns setting point to Pi-hole:

Should I use Pi-hole in WAN dns settings too, or leave default as follow?:



Generally not.

Some routers won’t let you use an address which appears on a network they control. Others, will accept the setting, but stop working properly, without displaying an error. Many routers continually ping out to help determine connectivity, and do a DNS test each time.

Your screenshot looks like an Asus or merlin, they fall in the last category.


Its Asus.
When I set pi-hole as wan dns I saw many request from router.
So leave Google dns as wan dns?


Yes, so long as everything else is working with Pi-hole and your network, then it’s best to leave the WAN DNS settings be.


This is correct. See also: