Server with more than 1000 clients

Good morning guys, is there any additional configuration for the server to be used in a scenario of more than 1000 customers ??

Some configuration of your bankaccount to spend some money to the developers of Pi-hole on a regular basis. :wink:


That won’t be the problem! I have 3 days of testing, and analyzing the performance of the dns server in relation to the other server that I am testing. So, I asked if there is anything you need to do to optimize or execute its performance for a larger audience, or if there is something that can allow or not perform in this scenario. Thanks!

As long as the Pi-hole host platform has adequate power and system resources, you should be fine. A Pi Zero may struggle with this, a Pi-4B or sturdy VM will have no problems.

So, something is wrong, look at my configuration and the consumption of resources.

What am I missing? What is wrong?

Consumption of 8 GB of ram without variation!

That may be a function of your VM allocating that entire amount.

I run a VM whit over 6k+ clients, pi-hole just works :+1:

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@Tntdruid which machine configuration? Does she consume so much of ram?

Nothing crazy run 2x pi-holes whit Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz And 16 GB ram, you dont need crazy hardware for DNS.

@Tntdruid, I know that, but I don’t understand all this consumption of the virtual machine.

sudo top or sudo htop or free -h or any other kind of tool to analyze the used memory inside the VM would be great information to have.


That’s fine. Your panel showing RAM usage is not accurate.


Yep, 8G allocated to the VM. 6G currently free for use.

@DanSchaper, In fact, the strange thing is that on the vmware server it shows 8Gb in full use.

@DanSchaper, I was more concerned because I am experiencing slowness in opening the pi-hole web admin.

Trust but verify.

(And you don’t have to @ me on every post, I read everything.)