Ralentissement jusqu'a perte de connexion

Bonjour à vous,

J'utilise le pi-hole sur un rapsberry pi zero W ... pour les 6 premiers mois, aucun problème et tous fonctionne bien et après ce moment, je perd la connexion internet de mes 2 réseaus sans fils dont le pi-hole filtre. Mon réseau hors pi-hole fonctionne parfaitement, je redémarre mon pi-hole et me reconnecte aux réseaus filtrer et tout fonctionne.

Donc, après le fameux 6 mois de perfections, je doit faire un reset a tous les jours sinon, je perds mes connexions interne, ce qui est vraiment fatiguant ... j'ai essayé de connecté un réseau filaire à mon raspberri pi zero mais je ne suis pas sur qu'il a pris le réseau filaire automatiquement et je me suis débarassé de l'adapteur avant de rechanger le tout. J'ignore alors si le problème proviens de mon raspberri pi de façon physique, du OS du rapsberri pi ou du pi-hole ....

Si quelqu'un pourrais m'aider, ce serais apprécié car cela fais environ 1 ans que ça dure et je suis totalement blasé de faire physiquement un reset sur mon raspberry pi (dont je doute que ce sois bon pour lui)

en vous remerciant d'avance, c'est très apprécié !!!

Please upload a debug log and post just the token URL that is generated after the log is uploaded by running the following command from the Pi-hole host terminal:

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Tools > Generate Debug Log

HEre the token link ttps://tricorder.pi-hole.net/sPPBfSnH/ ... it took me many times to achieved a completed one ... so laggy

Deducing from about 20,000 manual blocklist entries for domains like r11.sn-qxoedn7z.googlevideo.com, your debug log suggests you would be using a third-party script with the intention of blocking Youtube ads.

While Pi-hole itself would update its gravity database once per week, that script would be applying frequent updates of Pi-hole's gravity database, presumably triggered by adding newly detected YT domains to Pi-hole's blocklist immediately upon detection.

Those updates may become harmful if the script would trigger another update or even series of updates while the previous hasn't yet finished and still locks database access.

This is likely what is happening on your system and what would be causing excessive load on your system:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: contents of /var/log

-rw-r--r-- 1 pihole pihole 37K May  6 10:57 /var/log/pihole-FTL.log
   -----head of pihole-FTL.log------
   [2022-05-06 00:45:09.658 20869/T20876] WARNING: Long-term load (15min avg) larger than number of processors: 41.1 > 1
   [2022-05-06 00:45:10.964 20869/T20876] add_message(type=6, message=excessive load) - SQL error step DELETE: database is locked
   [2022-05-06 00:45:10.965 20869/T20876] Error while trying to close database: database is locked
   [2022-05-06 00:50:09.099 20869/T20876] WARNING: Long-term load (15min avg) larger than number of processors: 41.3 > 1
   [2022-05-06 00:50:10.204 20869/T20876] add_message(type=6, message=excessive load) - SQL error step DELETE: database is locked
   [2022-05-06 00:50:10.204 20869/T20876] Error while trying to close database: database is locked

It would be prudent to test the database for its locking status and defer any updates for a certain amount of time before trying anew, collecting and queueing any additionally detected YT domains in the meantime.

You'd have to address this with the third-party script maintainer.

In the meantime, as the time it takes to upgrade the database correlates with the total number of domains already stored (~<1.4 millions in your case), you could try to reduce your database size in order to reduce the risk of parallel updates.
You probably could remove some of the older blocked YT domains, and you could consider to run yubiuser's adlists tool to learn about your actual blocklist utilisation, and use those insights to trim down your block lists to the ones that are most applicable for your browsing behaviour.

As a general advice, I wouldn't recommend to try and block YT ads by means of DNS filtering. YT delivers ads via the same domains as its content, and this cannot be addressed satisfactorily by a DNS filter.
Besides the issues this may cause in cases like yours, you always run the risk of blocking wanted content along with unwanted (as YT obviously keeps swapping domains). Any DNS filter can only deal with domains - for same domain content, a browser-based extension is better equipped to block resources at the URL level.

From that point of view, you could also consider to remove that third-party script altogether.

Thanks, my friend for your help i's really appreciate. I didn't know about a third-party script that could be run on my pi-hole ... the last gravity list that I add about 1 weeks ago showed how to add one to update the gravity list once a days but I didn't install that script.

I just clone the yubiuser'S adlist toll but I don't know how to run it. I'm not the top notched in that .. I know how to clone it but there is no more explaination in the readme file.

I just deleted all the gravity list that I had in case that wasn't secure and findint saved list to add to my pihole.

I just hope that I don't need to restart everything that i've previously made in the past ... it will take me a while to search everything and restarting.

I just remembered that I had install something to do sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade automatically but never really worked ... it's the only things that I've install, if my memories is good. I founded on YT a bearded guy who always drink coffee and it's on one of his video that he explained how. I just hope that "Chuck" didn't cause me problems.

thanks guys .. i'll be in business...

I just reinstall everything ... even without any gravity list, the internet connexion is awfull ... so I'll install the yubiuser and i'll be able to find wich list will be great for me ...

thanks again

It'S been 12 days since I've formatted my raspberry Pi zero and started from scratch ... no probleme in the 7 first days but then some times I loose internet signal from only the one who use the pihole as DNS ....

I just regenerated a debug log https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/DDMWePPe/

I only installed SSH and speedtest client ... also use a key insted of a password as logn ... nothing else, ...

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