Question on Per Client Blocking

with the per client blocking would this allow my wife to use pihole on her phone and allow the sites she likes, that are blocked from all the analytics, and remain blocked for everyone else? I guess in a sense she has her own whitelist

I have to put her on since i’m not going to whitelist those sites and I need to keep her happy as well.


Yes, you can block per domain for each group you make in http://pi.hole/admin/groups.php then go to http://pi.hole/admin/groups-domains.php and set each domain per group, can do the same whit block lists

See also the example we provide in the preview of the Pi-hole v5.0 documentation

Is there a difference if I select a client by its ipv4 or ipv6?

Yes, the same client is seen as two independent clients if it does queries over IPv4 and IPv6. That is because you may actually want it this way (you can have multiple IPs for the same networking card). Just add both clients and assign them to the same groups.

thanks, this gets me more excited for the release.