Query log - advanced filtering - Domain -> not working

Are there smth wrong in advanced Filtering? If I see in query log a domain like here

googleapis.com it's not selectable in domain list and so I can't select all requests which done to this domain

Have you tried typing the domain name in the searh window (regardless of which pull downs are shown), and then selecting refresh?

I am able to search for google.com (not shown in the pull down) and this displays the correct filtered results.

Sure I tried:

And in V5 we could type also just parts of domains and got result

OK, I removed the database completely and restarted. Now I can select properly, but no wildcards or domains only. This is a big step backwards compared to V5
e.g.: google.com shows only google.com but not reminders-pa.clients6.google.com or clients2.google.com ...

In v5.x you first had to get all data and all processing worked in your local browser. For v6 we implemented server-side pagination which - so far - wasn't able to do wildcard matching. This has just been added in

Instead of the completely random wildcard matching, we decided to opt for "real" wildcards with the wildcard character *. So what you want could be achieved with *google.com (hint: It'd also match google.com itself). But our wildcard implementation goes beyond that, you can use a wildcard in any place you want: *fla*.c* will match cloudflare.com, flamewar.com and others.

sounds great :ok_hand:

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