Query Log "All Time" broken

I have been testing the new pi-hole-v6 on a VirtualBox with Slax as the OS. I believe I encountered an error where the search fails because of the incorrect dates, which were set by the filter when one requested “All Time” in the advance filter. I'd have expected it to be chronological, spanning the time of its creation to the present.

Core vDev (development-v6, 834e52f1)
FTL vDev (development-v6, 31986a89)
Web interface vDev (development-v6, 24970487)

What did you see? The result is not inside the selected time range? The results are out of order?

Thanks for your report, will be fixed by

This has already been reviewed + merged so this bug should be fixed in the latest development-v6 version

I have discovered several bugs, which I will upload with accompanying images.

In the Advance Filter sections, again another bug is the drop menu which is non-functional as shown in the image with the circle around the issue, it appears after opening the pi-hole page and navigate to the filter advance section.
Pihole - Date - Non-responssive drop menu

Another issue that has been identified in the Advanced Filter section.

Date issue, the years are way out of timeline, as shown in the image.


This was a regression added by the PR linked above. Both should be fixed by Fix inital date/time by yubiuser · Pull Request #2828 · pi-hole/web · GitHub

I updated Pi-hole last night, but there might be a problem with the updating as well.

When I update pi-hole last night, all went well with no error or issues, however when I checked the Pi-hole version in the browser with the terminal Pi-hole version, one failed to update. And yet the Pihole -up done all three !

At the time of your post, indeed another commit was more recent:

This seems to have been a rare race-collision where a build from an older commit took longer and overwrote the more recent binaries in the bucket. This is unfortunate but can never 100% be ruled out in branches with lots of movements.

Thank you for letting me know, it has all cleared up, you guys have done a fantastic job on the V6.