Provide DNS server for tricorder uploads

Sorry for jumping in with a side note – this scenario comes up fairly often, and it's necessary to change the nameserver to allow tricorder to be resolved. But this means that the nameserver reported by tricorder is now, or whatever is used, and not the one that was originally present, and it means making a pihole nameserver change then reverting it later.

Would it be worthwhile having a new switch added to pihole -d which allows specifying the IP of a nameserver to use for the tricorder upload? eg something like

pihole -d -n

This way the tricorder resolver problem can be circumvented but the debug log will still have the original nameservers present, and no need to change anything then change back. Normally it would not be used but in situations like this allows an easy workaround.

This could be possible.

We use curl for transmission

Which has an option to set a DNS server.

       --dns-servers <addresses>
              Set the list of DNS servers to be used instead of the system de‐
              fault.   The  list of IP addresses should be separated with com‐
              mas. Port numbers may also optionally be given as :<port-number>
              after each IP address.

I would not expose this on the web interface, but might be worth adding to the cli.