Problems with DHCP/DNS settings (stock router), PC over LAN and Smartphone over WLAN connections


I've just installed Pi-Hole and have the following problems:

  • My Router doesn't support changes in DHCP/DNS settings due to restrictions from my provider. Provider: Vodafone (Kabel Deutschland), Router: FritzBox 6490 Cable
  • After changing the DNS settings on my PC (Windows 10) I couldn't access the menu of my Router anymore
  • After changing the DNS settings on my smartphone (Android/Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) I think Pi-Hole didn't worked because I couldn't access the admin panel with my smartphone

I did the following changes before changing the DNS server on my PC/Smartphone:

Because it said at "When You Cannot Change LAN/DHCP Options In Your Router":

Some routers (and even some Internet Service Providers) do not let you change these settings. In this case, using Pi-hole’s DHCP server is very advantageous because you can still get automatic, network-wide ad ad blocking even if you can’t make the necessary changes on existing hardware.

I activated the DHCP-Server, IPv6 support and IPv4 and IPv6 Upstreams.

I suspect that these changes weren't really good because after that I was able to access the admin panel with my smartphones sometimes and sometimes I wasn't. Is this because sometimes the traffic went over my Pi and sometimes over the router due to both have active DHCP/DNS-settings?

If anyone have a solution for this I would be very thankful.

Have a great day!

Just to get that right - you even cannot disable DHCP on your Fritzbox?

Sorry I am able to deactivate DHCP.

But I it still isn't working after I turned it off in my router settings.

  • Okay, so you already disabled DHCP on your router and enabled it on the Pi-hole dashboard and it is still causing issues for you?
  • Do you have, by any chance, another device in your network that could be handing out IP addresses (another DHCP server)?
  • Did you restart the smartphone?

You won't have to specify the DNS server manually on the smartphone when you switched to using the Pi-hole DHCP server as it will always correctly give itself as DNS server in the dynamic IP configuration your devices receive.