Problem identifying devices


I have installed Pi-hole in a Raspberry Pi 3B with Docker. Everything works well excepts when Pi-hole identify the devices.

Currently, I have the following:

  • Provider's router with DHCP (192.168.3.X).
  • Xiaomi router (OpenWRT) connected by cable to the provider's router. This router is on 192.168.4.X and with DHCP. It is mainly to give Wi-Fi signal to certain points of the house where the provider's router does not reach.
  • Raspberry Pi connected by cable to the Xiaomi router, i.e. with an IP, for example.

All the devices connected to the Xiaomi router do not appear in Pi-hole, only one device appears that does all the queries and that is the Xiaomi router.

Is it possible to identify all the devices individually and not the router?


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