Portable Pihole Help Please

Hi,I Want to make a Portable Pihole so I can use it out of home,but I Have No Idea How,any help please

For suggestions on how to run Pi-hole on a roaming laptop, see

In addition to the option of running Pi-hole on a laptop or using a VPN to connect to your home Pi-hole, you can pick up an inexpensive travel router and run Pi-hole on a Pi attached to that.

For travel, I have a TP-Link AC750 travel router and a Pi Zero W that connects to that SSID and sets up Pi-hole on that router. Both the router and Pi run off USB power, which can come from a battery pack, car, or wall adapter.

The router can connect to the internet in several ways:

  1. Joining a WiFi hotspot off a cell phone - everybody in a car can be on the internet with no ads.

  2. Connecting to a WiFi hotspot like you might find in a hotel, friend's house, etc.

  3. Connecting to an ethernet network, also something you might find in a hotel or friend's house.

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What about just using another Raspberry pi as a wireless/wired router (instead of the TP-Link) and carry on from there?

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