Pihole on roaming Ubuntu 20.04 laptop

The issue I am facing:
Want to install pihole on unbuntu roaming laptop which is also user's main pc

Details about my system:
ubuntu 20.04

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
have not installed it yet.

Have a roaming ubuntu computer and rather than carrying around a raspberry pi with pihole or connecting to a remote pihole, would like to install pihole locally.

Is there a good tutorial on this setup including how to specifically tell the computer to use it's own pihole install for dns resolution. I read one install which simply ended with something like ". . . define your local computer as the dns. . . " yet the quesiton remains: how?

As well, with network manager in Ubuntu there is an option to choose DNS resolution so rather than make a blanket-wide host file entry can't we just identify the localhost ip address in the network manager setting for this particular connection?

Thank you.


Install Pi-hole on the laptop. Then assign the DNS server for the laptop to the loopback IP ( This will route DNS traffic to the Pi-hole instance running at that internal address.

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