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I do have Pihole 5.15 up and running with Docker. It does wok in general.
But there is a small problem: instead of blocking page I do get the the placeholder page. I've already tried to delete all files in the folder as is desribed there (Getting lighthttpd placeholder page instead of new unblock page - #2 by DL6ER). But then I get an 403 error.

What I need to setup in order to get the page (back)?

Your debug token is:

Please elaborate, and include some screen shots showing what you are seeing. In this forum, you can paste images (or upload images) directly into your reply.

You need to append /admin when navigating via IP address.

This is mentioned in the release notes right at the top.

However also note that I pushed a new docker container (2022.1.1) with the following:

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