Pihole V6 is not working

My Pihole V6 is not working, i can not acces the web page (i assume that it still is ip adress/admin)
I am running on Debian 11, and my pihole says:
[i] Warning: You are using FTL from a custom branch (development-v6) and might be missing future releases.

After standard install i run theese commands:
echo "development-v6" | sudo tee /etc/pihole/ftlbranch
pihole checkout core development-v6
pihole checkout web development-v6

Did i do something wrong?
I am not using docker, i can not work with docker.

Try port 8080.


As noted in our beta 6.0 release notes: Pi-hole V6 Beta Testing – Pi-hole

The web admin GUI will be on port 8080.

Please Note: There is not currently any code in the installer/updater to remove/disable lighttpd or php, and it is unlikely that there will be – the last thing we want to do is squish peoples running webservers if they are using it for anything other than Pi-hole. You will need to remove/disable these yourself if you no longer need them

If lighttpd is still running on your system and listening on port 80, then FTL will start on port 8080 for http traffic. If you wish for it to be on port 80, or any other port, first stop/remove lighttpd and configure FTL’s listening port. For docker, do this with the environment variable FTLCONF_webserver_port

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If have no use for lighttpd and want to revert back to port 80.

Disable and stop lighttpd first (can apt purge later):

dehakkelaar@ph6b:~$ sudo systemctl disable --now lighttpd.service
Synchronizing state of lighttpd.service with SysV service script with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install.
Executing: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install disable lighttpd

Check current config:

dehakkelaar@ph6b:~$ sudo pihole-FTL --config webserver.port

Alter to port 80:

dehakkelaar@ph6b:~$ sudo pihole-FTL --config webserver.port '80,[::]:80,443s,[::]:443s'


dehakkelaar@ph6b:~$ sudo pihole restartdns
  [✓] Restarting DNS server


dehakkelaar@ph6b:~$ sudo ss -nltup | grep 'State\|lighttpd\|pihole-FTL'
Netid State  Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port Peer Address:PortProcess
udp   UNCONN 0      0  *    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=4))
udp   UNCONN 0      0               [::]:53           [::]:*    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=6))
tcp   LISTEN 0      200*    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=11))
tcp   LISTEN 0      32 *    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=5))
tcp   LISTEN 0      200*    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=13))
tcp   LISTEN 0      200             [::]:80           [::]:*    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=12))
tcp   LISTEN 0      32              [::]:53           [::]:*    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=7))
tcp   LISTEN 0      200             [::]:443          [::]:*    users:(("pihole-FTL",pid=158551,fd=14))

THANK YOU, finally had a chance to rebuild an aging office mini PC (6th generation intel i5, 16GB) now running Proxmox. Intending to deploy this at a remote location to host a network controller, needed something a little more powerful than a Raspberry Pi, this should be massive overkill for; UniFi Controller with Pi-hole + Wireguard VMs.

Actually shifted gears already, decided to start tinkering with LXC containers under Proxmox. Lots to learn, lots to learn -- just happy to be up and running with new v6 beta for the very first time, was a bit of a nagging issue trying to remove the default lighttpd stuff. Appreciate you making that super clear, it's way more convenient than having to rely on port 8080. You da man!

Appreciate all the hard work and dedication from the Dev team(s) and contributors. Vastly prefer Pi-hole over the other available options. Cannot imagine being online without network wide ad-blocking. <3

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Thanks for the feather :wink:
I also recently upgraded an old Intel NUC to become a baremetal/type 1 hypervisor.
I chose Xen over Proxmox because it can run very light paravirtualized Linux guests.
And guest/VM deployment is done via debootstrap directly from the APT sources from the net which can install a minimal (minbase) Debian/Ubuntu etc.
But the learning curve is a bit steeper (EDIT: OOTB no GUI).

dehakkelaar@xen02:~$ sudo xl list
Name                                        ID   Mem VCPUs      State   Time(s)
Domain-0                                     0 23100     4     r-----   83125.0
hak01                                        5  4096     2     -b----    3050.3
gam02                                        6  4096     2     -b----  234921.4
ph6b                                         9  1024     2     -b----   26228.5
dehakkelaar@xen02:~$ sudo xl uptime
Name                                ID Uptime
Domain-0                             0 22 days,  2:56:17
hak01                                5 22 days,  1:40:25
gam02                                6 22 days,  1:36:33
ph6b                                 9 22 days,  0:48:07
dehakkelaar@xen02:~$ sudo xl console ph6b
ph6b login:

Oh and respect for the devs + contributors!
I experienced very little effort to find my way in v6.
EDIT: Without hardly reading any docs :wink: