Pihole -up overwrites lighttpd.conf?


I just updated from pihole v2.11 to pihole v2.12.1 using the pihole -up command.

When I restarted the lighttpd service I got an error that port 80 is already in use. I ran lighttpd on port 9555 on version 2.11 because my synology already uses port 80 for other stuff. Is it intended behaviour that pihole -up overwrites your config files or is this a bug?

If intended behaviour, I will make some backups of my config files before updating in the future.

Yes. For full functionality lighttpd has to run on port 80, because otherwise it might be that the other webserver running on port 80 is serving some ads and as an effect you will see the content in page at locations where ads should have been. This has been reported multiple times as bug. Hence, we "fix" the lighttpd on every install / repair / update, because running on port 80 is (a) the recommended way of handling things and (b) the correct choice for > 99% of our users.

Having said that, overwriting the lighttpd file fixes more issues users are seeing than creating new issue at the few users who are running severely customized installations.

Thanks. Seems like a logical explanation. I'll take my own precautions when updating then.