Don't overwrite non-default lighttpd port on upgrade to new pi-hole version

just upgraded to v5.3.
i run lighttpd on port 8088 due to nginx serving other things on port 80 on the same pi.
i would request that the upgrade script doesn't overwrite this if it detects a port that is non-standard and previous configuration was working fine.
not difficult for me to change back to my favoured port but it's a step i'd rather not take if this was implemented.
no biggie. just throwing it out there.
the only other post i see suggested states that lighttpd has to run on port 80 which isn't what is happening in my case.

Much duplicate, many topics.

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May already be possible with lighttpd 1.4.46 or above, see also Lighttpd daemon won't start - #11 by Bucking_Horn

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