Pihole stops working and would not work even after reinstalling

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Expected Behaviour:

Pihole not working. the traffic is not read/flowing through it. It worked for a 2 days but all of sudden stopped working. I reinstalled the raspberry pi software and Pihole but it does not work. When I try using the DHCP of Pihole the net stops. When I use the routers DHCP again the net stops. have to switch off the pi for the net to start working.Using Orbi router and pi4.

Scenario 1 - uses pi DHCP disables router DHCP - net lost have to remove pi to restore net.

Scenario 2 - uses routers dhcp adds IP address of pi - net lost again

Actual Behaviour:

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Debug Token:


Your debug log is normal.

From a client that you believe should be connected to the Pi-Hole for DNS, from the command prompt or terminal on that client (and not via ssh or Putty to the Pi), what is the output of

nslookup pi.hole

thank you for your reply.

here is the output

Last login: Sun Jul 26 19:04:02 on console

adityagoel@Adityas-MacBook-Pro ~ % nslookup pi.hole



Name: pi.hole


when I go to DHCP page of Pihole I do not see all the clients connected to my router. Like my iPhone is missing while my Mac is shown in the DHCP lease section. When I had posted for the issue none of the client was listed.

Have you restarted the router and renewed the DHCP leases in all clients?

So I had set my Pihole as the only dhcp server while my router dhcp was turned off. This worked smoothly until a point the log showed the ads were blocked while the ads were shown. I reset the router and pi. On setting things up. if I turn off the router DHCP and and turn on Pihole DHCP. The network hangs, for which I have to remove the pi and netwok is back up again. Now the router DHCP is on and have mentioned the pi address for DNS and pi DHCP off it works as mentioned in the above article.

In the Pihole DHCP page only 4 clients can be seen while on the dashboard page we can see all the device connected. How do we get to see all the DHCP for clients in the Pihole setting page?

Sorry if I'm not that clear in my post.

Looks like a restart helped me with DHCP lease

so the only way I can get the thing to work is by router dhcp. Before I could get it to work with Pihole DHCP but somehow since evening its not working. when I turn off the router DHCP to make Pihole as the DHCP server the net and access to router stops.
when I have both turned on . the data shown is as per each client name in the logs, which also shows it blocking stuff but when I see the actual page nothing is blocked.

Sorry I forgot to see this question from you. Looks like I wasn't restarting the router and DHCP wasn't renewing. For now DHCP through Pihole seems to hold. Is there anything I should change in the setting or keep in mind for the Lease renewal please do let me know.

Thank you for all the help till now.

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