Pihole low blocking percentage

Dear community,

after a new router (Fritzbox) I could finally install Pihole on my server in a docking container. I had difficulties as I couldn't configure the IPv6 DNS on my old one. After setting everything up it seems that the Fritzbox is distributing my pihole ip correctly to my clients, thanks to this documentation:

This is the result when using nslookup pi.hole

I added the ticked list from the https://firebog.net/ for additional adlists. After checking some sites I can see that pi hole is getting request from the fritz.box and my client. But I am now curious as it seems for me that the blocking percentage is quite low from what other users are experiencing:

Is this a normal percentage?

I checked websites like https://adblock-tester.com/ and there I only get a score of 65 out of 100 which I thought pi hole should block everything. Did I miss something, are there still request going to a different DNS besides pi hole?

Thank you for any help.

Expected Behaviour:

Block every ad request.

Actual Behaviour:

Some ads still get pass

Debug Token:


I think that there's no normal percentage, because it matters what devices your network have and what webpages you visit.

I have two blocklists.
The other is default.

My percentage blocked is 12%. But I also have devices which have lots of block.

Secondly, if your Pi-Hole uses DNS, which already blocks ads, I'm not sure if those are counted as a Pi-Holes block... Propably not.

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I agree with MeiRos. There is no 'usual' percentage. Mine is only 2%, yet I score 100% on the site you cite above and I have a dozen or so block lists. Remember pi-hole, at its core, is JUST a DNS filter. It is not a one-stop ad blocker. I augment it with Ad Block Plus in my browsers and Blokada on my Android devices. I can't do much about my IoT devices though.

Bottom line? Are you seeing ads, if so, you might have to investigate why. If they are easily blockable at the domain level, add an entry. If they are something more complex, you may need other tools.


Thank you guys for your replies. It seems to block most of the ads and the rest is taken care by uBlock origin.

Actually, this works in the opposite order. uBlock Origin (operating on the browser) is the first to block any domains. Anything that is blocked by uBO stops there. Only those domains that are not blocked by uBO are sent to Pi-hole, and then Pi-hole can block if it's on your Pi-hole block list.

In your case, most of the blocking is likely done by uBO.

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