pihole-FTL service running but not functioning

When trying to start the pihole service (sudo service pihole-FTL start / restart) after upgrade to latest pihole (4.1.2) the pihole-FTL service seems to start, but not perform any DNS lookups, and I cannot access the web GUI. When listing running processes I can see the pihole-FTL process.

When I run 'sudo pihole-FTL -f' it all appears to function as expected, DNS lookups, access to web GUI (and incremented stats).

Running on Ubuntu 18.04, and previously was functioning as expected. Nothing else using port 53.


Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Hi - I have generated from the GUI, currently running after manual start (sudo pihole-FTL -f), debug token: quoalhau3i


Hi @jfb thanks for the response. Please hold off for a while, as I may have been a little premature in what appeared to have been happening. I'll perform some further testing.

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