Pihole crashes,failing client DNS requests, but pi is still running. Debug token attached

Expected Behaviour:

Laptop and phone should be able to still browse the web, but with no Ads.

Actual Behaviour:

Every now and then (anywhere from 10m to 1 hour), all devices are not able to browse. Opening webpages in chrome results in DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG. Configuration of either the pi or client devices has not been manually changed for this to happen, ie it works, then all of a sudden doesnt.
During these periods of downtime, the Pi Hole web dashboard still functions, and the Pi is still able to be ssh'd into and I can still run commands. The SD card is not close to full.

I am letting the PI handle DHCP, as my router (BT Smart Hub 2) wont let you use the pi otherwise (Issues with British Telecom Smart Hub 2)

Debug Token:


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