PI works when set to DNS on device, unable to resolve when configured on router

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Expected Behaviour:

Setup Pi hole, set static IP for it on a Netgear WNDR3700v4, ads are blocked

Actual Behaviour:

DNS doesn't resolve for any url.

Debug Token:

Can generate if needed.

Please upload a debug log and post the token. Thanks.

Will do.

Also, I think the issue might be because my home router is its own nat and DCHP. If I don't then I can't change DNS on the ISP supplied router.

Would setting the "router behind router" config in fix this?

This may be the case. The also might be a DNS setting buried somewhere in the router setup menus that is letting DNS bypass the Pi-Hole.

For routers where you can't change DNS, use the Pi-Hole DHCP server and turn off this feature in the router.

I can set it on my router, but then all devices thing its the DNS( vs the Pi(

You can set what?

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