Pi-Hole with Linksys Router & Mesh Network


I have been using Pi-Hole for a couple of weeks on my local network successfully configuring individual devices to use the Pi-Hole’s DNS, but after a recent trip away, wanted to set it up so I could use my Open VPN access to take advantage of the blocking all the time.

As far as my network landscape is concerned, it looks something like this...

> ISP’s Router (Passive)
> Linksys WRT-3200 (DCHP management on and contains Open VPN configuration)
> Velop mesh network running off the WRT-3200 to which most devices connect.

Initially, I had plugged my Pi-Hole into the mesh network and had been configuring individual devices with the DNS settings however this doesn’t work when I access from outside the network using Open VPN.
So I followed the instructions in the FAQs (How do I configure my devices to use Pi-hole as their DNS server?) on how to set the DNS up in the router’s settings, which I applied to the WRT-3200 and I then ran into trouble. My Velop network turns red and devices lose access to the internet.

As a bit of a noob, I’m not really sure how I should set myself up her so maybe someone can help me understand how this should be done...

For example...
Which router should I connect the Pi Hole to?
Is the WRT-3200 the correct place to do the DCHP?
Which router should I add the DNS setting to?
Are there other settings I am missing?

Think I’m a way off getting this right at the moment and would be grateful of any help.

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