Pi-hole Pi4 + LCD Setup


I want to create a pretty nice setup using pi4 + lcd screen:

1.) Is this a good setup/do you see any issues with this setup? (I will run in headless UI / terminal mode)
2.) Other similar setup recommendations/tips?

Thanks in advance,

My suggestion is to just try it, there’s not anything you can break and you gain experience no matter what the outcome.

I just setup a Pi4b with this LCD and case from Amazon.

I set the Pi to boot to console from Raspi-Config it didn’t seem to want to start PADD at first and I don’t remember if i did anything to it to get it working but at one point i looked down at the screen and it was working after looking like it was stuck with a buffer of the OS booting. I could see PADD flickering in the background but now it works every reboot.

Am still wondering how PADD is able to auto start at boot without logging in.
I dont see anything in the PADD readme and the padd.sh script that does.

@Skeeterslint, did you run something similar as below ?

sudo systemctl disable getty@tty1.service

sudo systemctl enable autologin@tty1.service

Am probably too stupid right now to see, just waking up and still at first coffee :wink:

EDIT: You can check histrory:

history | less

I used this tutorial on Adafruit.com. But since the screen that I got wasn’t one of theirs I just used Raspi-config to boot to console then put in the .bashrc portion to have PADD start.

It’s also in the PADD Readme.

Those instuctions dont make your Pi autologin.
But I found instructions on the Wiki:

Set your Pi to automatically log into the console using raspi-config.

I did say I used Raspi-config to make the Pi boot to console.

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Yeah you did :smiley:
But this is a vital step so should have been more prominent in the instructions :wink:

Well when your using one of the adafruit screens right in the driver install they give you an option to boot to console, but since the screens we have use a different driver we needed to use Raspi-Config.

Can some one help me on this, i have the same LCD screen Skeeterslint used and I install the drivers and ran the commands for PADD from githud, set to boot to CLI but I just get what looks to be the last bit of booting stuck on the screen. ( where it has OK in green on the left. Any help would be awesome.

I would inquire on the PADD Github page.