Pi-hole not working on desktop


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Expected Behaviour:

The pi-hole should be blocking ads on all devices with the DNS server set up.

Actual Behaviour:

Ads are being blocked on my iPhone SE and my laptop but not on my desktop (which is connected via cat6 ethernet). I have cleared my DNS cache on my desktop. I didn’t have to do that on my laptop or iPhone.

Debug Token:



What’s the output of these commands on your desktop? (assuming it’s Windows)

ipconfig /all
nslookup pi.hole
nslookup pi.hole


Here is the output of ipconfig /all: https://pastebin.com/2bk2Atsr
And for the nslookups:

C:\Users\REPLACED>nslookup pi.hole
Server:  cdns01.comcast.net
Address:  2001:558:feed::1

*** cdns01.comcast.net can't find pi.hole: Non-existent domain

C:\Users\REPLACED>nslookup pi.hole
Server:  raspberrypi

DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
Name:    pi.hole
Addresses:  2601:14e:4100:55b0:d7c5:521d:4113:2b4f

I also forgot to mention earlier that going to allows me to access the admin panel, but pi.hole doesn’t work at all.


Your machine is not using Pi-hole, have you set the DNS server manually in your machine’s settings? If not, then try these commands to refresh your DHCP settings:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew


I have set the DNS server for both ethernet adapters (I use Evolve for gaming with my friends without port-forwarding) and refreshed the DHCP settings multiple times.


What have you set the DNS servers to? Your ipconfig /all shows that you have more than just Pi-hole as DNS servers.


I have the pi-hole ( and the google DNS server as a backup ( I don’t know what the IPv6 addresses are though, and I don’t know exactly how to or if I should remove them.


You should remove all the DNS servers except Pi-hole. If you have more than one DNS server, your computer doesn’t have to use them in order (Ads might be resolved through your secondary instead of Pi-hole).


Then why does it have me pick the Google DNS server?
PS: I can’t find the IPv6 addresses anywhere in my adapter settings.


Pi-hole uses that as an upstream DNS server. Your DNS requests go through Pi-hole, get filtered, and non-ad requests go to the upstream servers.
Check the IPv6 adapter settings for IPv6 DNS server settings.


None of my adapters have any DNS servers in them… That probably isn’t good… I also removed the Google DNS and it still won’t work.


If they don’t have DNS servers, then you should click the option to use the DHCP provided ones. After doing that, send the new output of ipconfig /all


For IPv4, IPv6 or both?


Both IPv4 and IPv6 should be using DHCP (if the option is available).


Would I be doing by choosing “Obtain DNS server address automatically?”


Yes, that would be getting the DNS information from the DHCP server (automatically).


Here is the results from ipconfig /all


Have you set your DHCP server (usually the router) to use only Pi-hole? You may have to disable DHCP on your router and enable it on the Pi-hole.


No I have not, and I don’t want to set it to use only the Pi-hole because not everyone on my network wants to use it.


Then set the router to use it and manually set the DNS server on the devices you don’t want to use Pi-hole to something else. Or the other way around. Either way, Pi-hole can’t be used alongside another DNS server effectively.