Pi-Hole not working as expected

Expected Behaviour:

All of my machines are set to directly use the pi-hole device as the DNS server but inside the pi-hole interface I can only see the router as being reported for all of the queries. Plus I also have errors when sending the some dns forwardings to my local active directory, some dns names are not resolved.

Debug Token:


My DNS server inside the router for the DHCP server is set to the pihole ip, the clients report that they use pihole based on the ip. I have had this issue, I tried to reinstall the pihole on the raspberry, and I even updated to the beta. The issue is still there.

Have you considered using Pi-hole as DHCP server?

I hadn't considered this, and I don't think I will. The strange thing is that it had worked in this setup previously and nothing has changed on the router side, no update no nothing.

Given that you are on the beta version, I would start with moving to V5.

pihole checkout master

What is the difference between the master and the beta ?

I have switch meanwhile to master but the issue is still there.

Please generate a new debug log and post the token.


Your debug log shows the following DNS history for the past 24 hours. 7 unique clients.

  [2020-06-03 02:40:03.467 596] Imported 258827 queries from the long-term database
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Total DNS queries: 258827
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Cached DNS queries: 73858
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Forwarded DNS queries: 108261
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Blocked DNS queries: 74822
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Unknown DNS queries: 1886
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Unique domains: 9420
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Unique clients: 7
   [2020-06-03 02:40:03.469 596]  -> Known forward destinations: 5

What is the output of this command from the Pi terminal:

echo ">top-clients >quit" | nc localhost 4711

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ echo ">top-clients >quit" | nc localhost 4711
0 252524
1 397 raspberrypi
2 342 localhost
3 7
4 3
5 1 ::1 localhost
6 1 2a02:2f04:c:550a:1390:9ef6:d3f6:3149 raspberrypi

Strangely there is no client shown besides the router and the local pihole. As you can see, my router is set to distribute the pihole as DNS.

3 7
4 3

What are these clients?

Your router might NOT allow (even though you set it up to broadcast the Pi-hole IP as the DNS), DNS relaying, within the local /24 class.

Try a nslookup flurry.com on a client.

See what it returns.

Also look for anything DNS rebind protection related within the router interface.

Clients from a remote branch that use the HQ pi-hole

Server: raspberrypi

Name: flurry.com
Addresses: ::

Works without problems, just the reporting that apparently is not going right.

There’s something funky going on over there as per your debug log:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Name resolution (IPv4) using a random blocked domain and a known ad-serving domain
[✗] Failed to resolve tracker.twenga.nl via localhost (
[✗] Failed to resolve tracker.twenga.nl via Pi-hole (
[✗] Failed to resolve doubleclick.com via a remote, public DNS server (

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Name resolution (IPv6) using a random blocked domain and a known ad-serving domain
[✗] Failed to resolve spaceclie.brunor0v.beget.tech via localhost (::1)
[✗] Failed to resolve spaceclie.brunor0v.beget.tech via Pi-hole (2a02:2f04:c:550a:1390:9ef6:d3f6:3149)
[✗] Failed to resolve doubleclick.com via a remote, public DNS server (2001:4860:4860::8888)

I do see some PHP errors too and what seems to be a non conventional interface

Also this:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: php version
[i] symbol

You might want to re-install PHP

I updated my raspberry pi with "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade" and it removed something, some links. Now if I do pihole -r and I do a repair the PHP part is blank. Tomorrow I will try and reflash the whole raspberry to see if it fixes anything.

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Looks like everything is fine for now. I did reinstall the whole OS and Pi-Hole. I really don't understand what was the issue before to be honest.

I talked to soon. It worked for a bit than it went back to the same behaviour. What is going on?