Pi-hole not blocking ads in youtube

I have installed pi-hole using rashberry pi. I followed the instructions as per the manual and I see the gravity list is loaded with 85000+ domains. I changed my DNS configuration in my TV and on my modem. I am using Motorola SBG 6580 model. I tried executing the nslookup command from my devices. All devices are returning my rashberry-pi IP (as expected). When I execute the nslookup from rashberry pi, I see its returning the public DNS. I believe this is expected.

Expected Behaviour:

[I am expecting the youtube ads to be blocked while watching in my LG TV. ]

Actual Behaviour:

_[I still see the adds being loaded in my videos] _

Debug Token:


This is a false expectation. YouTube serves their ads from the same domains as the content, making it difficult (impossible) to block these ads reliably using a domain blocker such as Pi-hole.

Thanks for the confirmation guys. I will checkout the other posts.

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