Pi-Hole is set up, how to verify that it works and adding new sites

I am new to Pi-Hole. I just installed it on a Raspberry Pi with all of the default settings. I went into my routers configuration and added two of my devices to use Pi-Hole dns, see the included picture.

  1. How can I verify that Pi-Hole is blocking adds on a device?
  2. How do I add a new entry? For example www.mbl.is has adds that I see on my devices that I have added in my router. I do not expect to see Icelandic websites on the default list.
  3. The "top clients" list in the dashboard shows only my router and localhost. I would expect to see the two devices that I added in my router to use the Pi-Hole as their dns server there. Is it possible to see statistics on a device basis?


You don't see ads when browsing with that device. You see queries from the device in the Pi-hole query log, and some of the queries are blocked.

A good website to use to test ad-blocking is cnn.com. Without an ad-blocker, you will see many ads. With Pi-hole active, you should see none.

With Pi-hole:

Without Pi-hole:

What kind of entry do you want to make? Are you trying to add an adlist (public blocklist), or a local domain block (blacklist)?

  1. Yes thanks. That is a good way to verify it.
  2. I want to add the equivalent to what was added to make cnn.com not display adds to mbl.is. I want to know how I can block ads on websites that the current list does not have information about. The ad list I use is just the default one. Even though it is a huge list, it probably does not contain some of the entries for Icelandic websites for example.
  3. That link helped me. Thanks.

Use these tools:

I have answers for all of the questions I presented. Thanks jfb.
It turns out that mbl.is serves some of its ads from its own domain so I am unable to block it to get rid of the ads.

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